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Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation
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Consortia-pedia: An in-depth look at the research-by-consortium trend in medical research and development
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The Wall Street Journal: A Patients' Group Scores a Win in Muscular Dystrophy Drug Research
Scientific American Worldview: Embracing the Process: A new breed of nonprofit brings key parties together to accelerate research

Innovator Spotlight

Cure Duchenne

Q&A with Debra Miller,
Founder and CEO of CureDuchenne

What is TRAIN?

Disease research organizations focus on curing diseases, not fixing the research system. But they are all delayed, and occasionally defeated, by the same systemic, cultural obstacles that slow medical progress. At FasterCures, it is our mission to knock down these obstacles so researchers won't have to, so every patient can benefit.

The Research Acceleration and Innovation Network (TRAIN) was established to create opportunities for medical research innovators to discuss and tackle the challenges that cut across diseases. It is a group of unique nonprofit foundations that fund medical research across a spectrum of diseases, from breast cancer to Parkinson's disease. In many cases TRAIN's member foundations have been created by patients and their families who are frustrated by the slow pace of change in the traditional medical research system. They represent the kind of organizations that are fast becoming the engine behind innovation in disease research - collaborative, mission-driven, strategic in their allocation of resources, and results-oriented. They are organizations that have a singular focus on, and a significant stake in, getting promising therapies from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside as rapidly as possible.

TRAIN's Mission

  • Catalyze the innovative activities of participating disease research organizations
  • Accelerate communication, learning, and discovery across a range of diseases
  • Promote heightened use of medical research resources and a higher level of organizational effectiveness
  • Identify, promote, and facilitate innovation in the scientific, methodological, and systemic aspects of disease research generally

TRAIN Central Station is the online platform for TRAIN groups and other medical research innovators to share best practices, exchange ideas, and find relevant tools and resources.

TRAIN Inventory

Interest within industry and academia in engaging the nonprofit disease research foundation community, particularly those with a venture philanthropy focus, is at an all-time high, but awareness of the landscape of players and how to approach them is limited. Previously, no resource existed that cataloged the operational and partnering practices of these organizations.

To help address this gap, FasterCures developed the TRAIN Inventory, a free public, Web-based resource. All information included in this inventory comes from publicly available sources.

Engage with TRAIN

Are you a nonprofit disease research foundation? Do you partner with nonprofit funders of research? Or do you have tools that would be useful to a patient-driven, outcomes-focused medical research community? If so, we invite you engage with TRAIN:

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  • Suggest items for TRAIN E-News that are of interest to the nonprofit medical research community, such as cross-sector research partnerships or innovative approaches to research design and funding, by sending an email to train@fastercures.org.
  • Submit a tool, resource, or publication to share with the research community by sending an email to train@fastercures.org. Topics include venture philanthropy, deal-making, collaboration, and commercialization of scientific discoveries.
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  • Check out the Partnering for Cures Innovator Presentations, which examine cross-sector collaborations, such as public-private and academic-industry partnerships.
  • Save the date for the next Partnering for Cures (Nov. 16-18, 2014 in New York), which brings together leaders from all sectors in medical research with the express purpose of making collaboration happen.

About FasterCures

FasterCures, a center of the Milken Institute, is a nonprofit think tank and catalyst for action that works across sectors and diseases to transform the medical research enterprise. Our mission is to accelerate the process of discovery and development of new medical solutions for deadly and debilitating diseases. For more information, visit www.fastercures.org.

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