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Our mission is to accelerate the discovery and development of new effective treatments for myeloma. Alongside this, we work to systematically address and remove the barriers preventing or slowing down basic research, clinical trials and access to new effective drugs.


Our strategic model encompasses the following main programs:

  • Translational Research Network: we fund and facilitate a network of leading institutions to advance discoveries in myeloma genetics and biology.
  • Clinical Trial Network: we fund and facilitate a portfolio of prioritized and strategic phase I and II trials of the most promising myeloma treatments. Many of the trials are conducted to registration standard and are designed in collaboration with industry to deliver real-world evidence, the overall aim of which is to generate data to de-risk the approval of new treatments for use in the National Health Service.
  • Health Services Research Network: we fund and facilitate a network of leading centers to generate empirical evidence and disruptive intelligence to improve the way in which treatment and care are organized, delivered and funded.

In addition, we provide and deliver a comprehensive range of medical education for health-care professionals and information and support for patients and their families.

Research Portfolio

Myeloma UK invests in and drives forward a broad portfolio of research within its three research networks including the following programs:

Translational Research Network:

ORIGINS – to identify the heritable basis of myeloma and in doing so identify key genes and pathways influencing its onset and progression
ORACLE - deciphering the key driver genes and pathways implicated in myeloma in order to inform biomarker discovery and rational targeted strategies to improve patient outcome
OPTIMAL – to translate increased understanding of myeloma genetics and biology into potential therapeutic targets and development of inhibitors that can be used in the clinic
ODYSSEY – to implement personalised medicine approaches into the treatment of myeloma through national trials
OASIS – the establishment, development and curation of unique patient samples linked to clinical information and molecular profile data

Clinical Trial Network:

We are currently running a portfolio of phase I/II clinical trials of between 30 and 300 patients. There are four trials open to recruitment, three in follow up and four in set up.

Health Services Research Network:

We have a number of active projects in the following areas:

  • Patient Preference Elicitation
  • Quality of Life
  • Patient Experience
  • Carer Perspectives
  • Models of Care


Fiscal year 2015, year ending 12/31/15

  • Revenue: Approx £6m
  • Assets: Approx £7m
  • Grants: Approx £3m
  • Gifts Received: Approx £3.5m
  • Total Expenditures: Approx £5m

Key Accomplishments

  • In 2007, we established a national biobank for myeloma
  • In 2012 , Myeloma UK-supported scientists conducted the first ever GWAS in myeloma
  • We are currently supporting the development of six new treatments for myeloma
  • In 2009 we established a Clinical Trial Network in myeloma with a central laboratory and central trials office
  • We have successfully campaigned for positive approval of every new myeloma treatment in the UK
  • We recently opened the world's first IMiD biomarker clinical trial


Myeloma UK is governed by a Board of Directors and our work is overseen and guided by a number of expert advisory committees and groups all of which put patients firmly at the center of every decision made.

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  • Building research collaborations
  • Clinical trial design and recruitment
  • Facilitating patient engagement in the R&D process
  • Partnering with industry