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Expanding the Science of Patient Input: Building Smarter Patient Registries

Patient registries can be powerful sources of patient perspective data, a new report from FasterCures illustrates. Decision-makers in research, industry, policy and health-care settings are increasingly seeking robust sources of patient data to inform patient-centered practices, policies and outputs. This report is aimed at establishing reliable methods and practices for understanding and incorporating patient needs into the process of developing, regulating and delivering new therapies. 

Model Provisions Release

Model Agreement Provisions to Improve Partnerships Between Universities and Foundations

FasterCures embarked on an effort to craft template grant agreement language after it was suggested at the September 2014 TRAIN workshop on University-Foundation Partnerships. To ensure that others can weigh in, provide input and learn from this conversation, we recently released the model provisions.

Culture Change Workbox Size

But that’s the way we’ve always done it! Changing organizational culture in medical R&D

Watch our March webinar on culture change. What can the biomedical R&D ecosystem learn from the vast literature and learnings from outside the space about how to change organizational culture and behavior to build a more effective, efficient enterprise?