The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research

Michael J. Fox Foundation logoThe Michael J. Fox Foundation (MJFF) has become the single largest funder of Parkinson's research outside the U.S. government. It has invested more than $450 million in research to date, almost 90 percent for translational research; funded testing of more than 100 therapeutic targets for Parkinson's disease (PD); and has undertaken novel industry partnerships to support early-stage promising therapeutic approaches.

MJFF's Role and Impact.
    MJFF sees its role as speeding progress by solving problems in the pipeline of Parkinson's therapeutic development. Their key strategies include validating therapeutic targets, creating and distributing research tools, providing platforms for patient engagement, facilitating knowledge sharing among researchers, and repurposing drugs developed for other diseases.

De-Risking Success

    MJFF aims to remove risk for all parties to engage in Parkinson's R&D, particularly industry groups that will play a significant part in commercializing therapies. The foundation provides case examples of the success of their approach and the leverage their support has provided.

Providing Tools

    Researchers rely on critical tools, including reagents and animal models, to understand the cause and mechanisms underlying PD and to develop effective treatments. MJFF has made a number of research reagents, including antibodies against important PD biological targets and research models of PD, available to the research community.

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