Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

MMRF logoThe Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and its sister research organization, the 22-member Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium (MMRC), have created a remarkable engine for drug discovery and development in a very short time. MMRF has raised $250 million and funded 120 institutions worldwide, has been involved in the development of six new treatments, facilitated more than 50 clinical trials through the consortium, and has 21 MMRF-funded compounds now in clinical trials. 

MMRC Clinical Trials

The MMRC Model

The MMRC is a clinical network bringing together leading academic centers solely dedicated to Phase I and II trials. MMRC leads these entirely integrated institutions using highly defined metrics that mandate accountability and promote team-based science. A vital component of the MMRC is its Tissue Bank, the first and largest multicenter, Good Laboratory Practices-quality biobank that integrates patient tissue samples with corresponding laboratory and clinical data.

MMRF Model Accelerates Clinical Trials
Preliminary data from an analysis show that clinical trials opened through MMRF’s clinical trials network were activated 60 percent faster than comparable clinical trials in oncology.

Paving the Way to Personalized Medicine
The MMRF Personalized Medicine Initiative has launched a longitudinal study called CoMMpass, which will enroll a minimum of 1,000 newly diagnosed patients with the goal of segmenting patients based on molecular profiling, leading toward tailored therapies for specific subgroups.

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